Give foreign residents the same rights to leave and re-enter Japan!



As COVID-19 spread, Japan implemented the current “Border Strategy” to restrict the entry of international visitors into Japan. Since April 5, the number of countries and regions being denied entry has expanded to 111. However, this has made it impossible for permanent residents and long-term foreign nationals living in Japan with proper visas to re-enter the country! The regulation guidelines that were set in place clearly state that no exceptions will be made for permanent residents, or the spouses of Japanese nationals and their parents and children. Even if such a person must leave for a family bereavement, work-related emergency or other urgent issue, the Immigration Bureau states: "You cannot re-enter the country. No exceptions.

根拠は国籍だけ !? 差別を止めて!


The current restrictions are based on nationality alone. Japan is the only G7 nation that does not give foreign nationals with long-term residence status the same rights as citizens in terms of leaving and re-entering. The current measures discriminate against people who have careers, businesses and families here in Japan, who have paid taxes and contributed to society for years. They have legal residence in Japan, yet they cannot return to Japan if they have to leave to deal with an emergency.

We (long-term and permanent residents, Japanese spouses and families) ask Japan to work together to quickly overturn this discriminatory policy and give the long-term residents the same rights as Japanese citizens–to be allowed back into Japan upon return with enhanced quarantine measures.



Japan’s State of Emergency has been lifted. Japan is now talking about opening up the country to international visitors step-by-step. Along with securing quarantine and waiting areas and means of transportation, the first step should be allowing the
departure and re-entry of foreigners with long-term residence status!

AMF 2020 (Association of Multicultural Families)